Sleep disorders do occur, but with no consistent pattern. Some children sleep without problems especially when they are well, but others experience major disruptions,  particularly persistent night-waking. While awake they may be destructive, for example, by shredding their nappy
Children with reflux may sleep better with the head end of the mattress raised. A small group of children have been diagnosed with sleep apnoea - periods during sleep when the flow of air to the lungs is obstructed - and in some of these children removing enlarged tonsils and/or adenoids may prove helpful. In children whose day-time behaviour cycles between overactivity and passivity, sleep disturbance can be a problem during periods of hyperactivity.
Some families only achieve a regular sleep routine by using medication. Melatonin is popular and most families believe it is at least partly effective but quite a few children need other prescribed medication to ensure they stay asleep. Families whose children persistently wake at night need regular, consistent respite care.
Information reproduced with permission, from Unique's Kleefstra syndrome leaflet.

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