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Research into Kleefstra syndrome is being actively carried out by a number of genetic specialists around the world. Both Dr. Tjitske Kleefstra (Nijmegan's University of Medicine, The Netherlands) and Dr. Svetlana Yatsenko (Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas) have access to private forum and regularly answers questions from members using the forum.
Unique have also had a lot of input into the subject, and have produced their own Kleefstra syndrome leaflet, some of which is used on this site. They also have their own page dedicated to them, again accessible by clicking the Unique Menu on the left or to be taken directly there, click here
Research is ongoing in many forms now, just a few years ago this syndrome could not even be diagnosed. However further research into the condition will lead to a better quality of life for all those living with the diagnosis. Our best bet for now is to alleviate and perhaps prevent some of the worst symptoms and of course to celebrate achievements.

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