UK Meet 2013

To book your rooms or place on the conference please contact Sheila 024 7636 5000 at the Novotel and tell her you would like to book a room for the Kleefstra Syndrome Conference in August, we have reserved 10 rooms for Friday 9th, 20 rooms for Saturday 10th and 5 Rooms for Sunday 11th.

Dr. Kleefstra will be providing a Conference on Saturday 10th, we anticipate this will be a full day's session.

Friday 9th August 2013

¨ Bed & breakfast, per double/family room £60.00

¨ Adult dinner £9.00, Child dinner £6.00


Saturday 10th August 2013

¨ Conference package rate of £110.00, per double room

¨ Including coffee breaks, Buffet lunch, Adult Dinner, Bed & Breakfast.

¨ Child lunch additional £5.00 and Child dinner additional £6.00

¨ Complimentary use of Conference and Creche rooms.


Sunday 11th August 2013

¨ Bed & breakfast, per double/family room £60.00

¨ Complimentary use of Conference room (Morning only)

¨ Family's go out for the day/afternoon to Hatton World (Entry price tbc.)

¨ Adult dinner £9.00, Child dinner £6.00


A deposit will be taken at the time of booking based on the amount of your total stay.

This rate is a special rate organised for our event and will be non-refundable.


Families attending Conference on Saturday 10th only

Cost for families wishing to attend only for the Conference on Saturday 10th is £20pp which includes morning coffee, buffet lunch, afternoon coffee and use of facilities. Meals will be charges as follows:

¨ Child's Lunch £5

¨ Child's evening meal £6

¨ Evening meal adults £9



Additional information