Chris Heslehurst (Founder & Chair)
Fiona Heslehurst (Founder and Trustee)

Chris and Fiona are proud parents to Leah and Lucas.  Their first child Leah was born in 2006 and diagnosed in 2007 with Ks or 9q34.3 deletion syndrome (as it was known then).  At the time it was thought that Leah was the 35th individual in the world to be identified with the syndrome.  Both Chris and Fiona took to the internet in search of answers and at that time there was little information available, what they did find was difficult to understand and very negative.  Chris works in ICT so it was a natural step to bring the small community of families together with our own website and members forum.  Of course no one expected the community to grow so rapidly.  Together with the support of the team, Chris and Fiona have arranged family events and conferences to bring together families and professionals.

Justine joined the organisation taking up the role of Treasurer from April 2018.

Jane du Plooy (Secretary)

Jane du Plooy (Secretary)

Jane first heard of Kleefstra syndrome shortly before her daughter was diagnosed, aged 2, with an intragenic EHMT1 mutation in early 2015. Shortly after that, with a background in digital marketing Jane was happy to help when first set up their Twitter account. She has progressively got more involved, passionate about helping to spread the word and support for people affected by Ks. Most recently, she has organised a meetup for families affected by Ks in Bournemouth in September 2016.

Donna Solomon (Trustee)

Hi I’m Donna, mother to Faith & Fabian. Faith was born December 2006 with what was first thought to be Down syndrome but within a few weeks Faith was diagnosed with 9q 34.3 deletion syndrome, later to be named Kleefstra syndrome.  Two words to describe life with Faith beautiful & challenging.  The Kleefstra charity has always been close to our hearts after meeting Fiona, Chris and Leah when Faith was just 1 years old. We have watched how they have grown the charity to what it is now and I’m proud to be a part of it.

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